Haven House is a shelter and advocacy provider for victims of domestic violence

You have a right to live without fear of abuse. We’re here to help.

Bennett's BBQ Bash

As long-time friends and supporters of Haven House, Dave and Fran Bennett are hosting a charity BBQ event in the Summer 2023. All ticket sales benefit Haven House's mission of saving and changing lives through the intervention and prevention of domestic violence.
The party will include live music and BBQ by Chairman of The Boar BBQ Team - This award-winning BBQ team was started under the leadership of Randy Massey. They have competed locally in The Big BBQ Bash and in several competitions around the South.

Domestic Violence is a pattern of behavior used by someone to establish and maintain power and control over an intimate partner and may include physical, emotional, economic, or sexual abuse.

Domestic violence is a crime that can affect anyone.


At Haven House, we’re here to provide healing, support, and empowerment to all victims of domestic violence, no matter your race, background, gender, or sexual orientation. We believe in walking alongside victims to provide safety, advocacy, and education.

You’re not alone. We’re here to walk alongside you.

Victim Help

Through our 24-hour shelter and crisis hotline, support services, youth programs, and community awareness campaigns, we’re providing life-changing resources for victims to begin new lives that are safe, independent, and free of violence and fear.

Are you in Danger? Call our 24hr Hotline

1 in 4 women in Tennessee are victims of Domestic Violence

Numbers Speak


Women & Children Housed at Our Emergency Shelter


Hotline Calls Received


Tennessee Ranks fifth in Females Murdered by Males


Every 9 Seconds a women is assaulted or beaten in the US
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